British Inclusive Dance Festival 2017


This is the third year of the Inclusive Dance Festival, the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, we have a day of lectures and workshops this includes upper body Aerobics, Para Cheer, Dance technique lectures, Hip Hop, developing your performance levels.

The Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre is conveniently located approximately 30 minutes by road from both Luton and Stansted airports allowing easy access for foreign competitors. From London Kings Cross Train Station it is a 25 minute journey. The Stevenage Arts and Leisure Centre is adjacent to the Stevenage train station and is conveniently connected by a walk way. There is large car parking available on site with easy access to the local shopping precinct and superstore. The venue is ideally situated on ground level for easy access.

The adjudicating panel will be made up of experienced Championship judges. The Programme will include Debutant, Amateur and Select Sections in Standard and Latin American with Show-Dance and Formation Team events.

★ Open to the world

★ Debutant Amateur & Select Sections in Standard & Latin American Class 1 & Class 2

★ Showdance and Team Events

★ Five Hotels within half a mile.

★ Adjacent to Stevenage train station and shopping precinct.

★ 25 minutes by train from London Kings Cross Train and Tube Station

★ Approximately 30 minutes by car from Luton and Stansted International Airports

★ About 50 minutes from London Heathrow by train with a very good bus service

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